Who We Are

Vide Bula Importação e Exportação de Produtos Hospitalares e Medicamentos LTDA
was established in 1995. We are a company which distributes and imports high
complexity medical-hospital materials for diagnostic procedures and surgery
interventions in the areas of Cardiology, Vascular Surgery and Neuroradiology /
With over 20 years in the market, the company has a success history, counting on an
executive board with over 30 years of experience in health care. In addition to its
executive board, the company counts on highly qualified and trained professionals,
always engaged in the processes and in the main purpose of the company, which is the
well-being and health of the patients.
Its head office is located in Ilha do Governador and its branch is strategically located in
Barra da Tijuca, both in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This location strategy intends to ease
the service and streamline the deliveries for the Southern, Western, Northern regions,
Ethics, transparency and integrity, are the pillars of our Compliance Program.
Our values, our responsibility!

Baixada Fluminense and other regions of the State of Rio, ensuring a differentiated
service and the delivery of the materials within the shortest term, including with
regard to emergency procedures.
The company has a wide product line, intended to offer to hospitals, clinics, practice
offices and doctors of the State of Rio de Janeiro, quality materials, advanced
technology and guarantee of a differentiated assistance.
Intending to widen its operation area, the company is developing a strategic project to
conquer new markets and expand its distribution network to the States of Minas
Gerais and São Paulo.

Perfil Institucional

  •  Experience and reliability in the market;
    High quality products and advanced technology;
    Differentiated delivery service and precise, agile and prompt assistance and
    commitment with our clients;
    Quality in the supply to hospitals in general and health care operators;
    Quality standards and policies certified by the main bodies regulating the
    The most modern control of materials in own or consigned stock, which
    ensures traceability per manufacturing batch, validity and location of the product –
    where each product becomes unique;
    Compliance policy daily regulating and monitoring the company’s operations,
    ensuring results compliant with the company’s policies and with regulatory

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