Compliance Program

Vide Bula, seeking to strengthen and conduct its business and actions lawfully, ethically and transparently, in line with its organizational identity, and also respecting the laws and regulations applicable, has deployed a compliance program with the main purpose of providing specific behavior and ethics guidelines regarding our employees, service providers, suppliers and clients.
Ethics, transparency and integrity, are the pillars of our Compliance Program.
Our values, our responsibility!

Such information is disclosed with the intention to emphasize Vide Bula’s expectations regarding behavior and ethics and integrity in all places we have business.
The standards adopted are taken very seriously, including with respect to the application of severe penalties to those non-compliant.
We invite you, employee, provider, supplier or client, to get to know our Code of Behavior and Ethics and learn more about Vide Bula’s regulatory matters and ethical principles.
In case of breach of Vide Bula’s Corporate Integrity Standards, our Code will clarify the actions that should be taken.
This work has been developed and improved in partnership with Teixeira Martins Consultoria Empresarial.
 Compliance Policy  Code of Conduct and Ethics